Phylogenetic Tree of Primats [Primatların Soy Ağacı]


We worked on the reconstruction of the phylogeny of present-day Primates through supertree and supermatrix approaches. Here, we illustrate the supertree approach on all the extant genera of Primates. We used a veto supertree procedure (the PhySIC method) on 24 source trees inferred from mitochondrial DNA, nuclear DNA, and retroposon characters. Nodes of these source trees have been considered if their bootstrap support was >70%.


White and black stars indicate additional nodes that have been collapsed with bootstrap thresholds of respectively 80% and 90%. Labels indicate areas of conflicts (C) among source trees, as well as areas of insufficent taxonomic overlap (I). Note that a given multifurcation may result from contradictions and lack of induction (Ci). These labels provide biologists with information on how to complete the source data sets for a better supertree inference [After Ranwez et al. 2007].

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